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Jubal Enyo - singer/songwriter/virtual realist

Jubal was born the 2nd son of a 2nd son on a high spot in the rural Mississippi River delta. He has been a gravedigger, a sailor, a truck driver. He started playing a K-Mart® Decca® electric guitar in 1970. He presently plies his unique style on an acoustic-electric or flamenco acoustic and occasionally rips out a blues riff on an electric. His favorite guitar is an Epiphone® F-135 he bought second hand from a pawnbroker on Navy Road, Millington, Tennessee in 1979 and has dragged around the globe.

Jubal's style of playing has been called 'back-picking' and includes a rare technique known as 'nail harmonics.'

"His range is wide. And his style is terrific to hear."

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